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Environmentally Responsible Practices

SunRise Gardens is proud to offer environmentally responsible gardening and business practices:

*Organic Fertilizers

                   & Surface Runoff Control

Our preference is to use slow release organic fertilizers, composts, extracts, green manures, and natural minerals and vitamins.  In the situations that we do use chemical fertilizers, we do so in a manner as to avoid or minimize surface runoff.

*Integrated Pest Management

                   & Low Impact Pest Control

Integrated pest management (IPM) is an ecological approach to pest control that uses pesticides only as a last resort.  The main focus of IPM is to prevent pest problems by starting with healthy and pest free plant materials and growing those plants using the best cultural practices to maintain their health.  And when we do find it necessary to intervene on a pest problem, we use low impact methods to avoid negative environmental side-effects.

*Low Carbon Emissions,

                  Reducing Greenhouse Gases

We are continually trying to minimize our carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gases.  We use old-fashioned manual tools along with low-emission engines for gas powered tools, and utilize electric and propane powered equipment as we are able.

*Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

We try our best to reduce, reuse, and recycle all refuse created from our work.  We return plastic plant containers to the growers to reuse.  When we remove garden debris from our clients it is ground up and turned into compost or mulch.  And we send all paper products, plastics, glass, and metals to the local recycling plant.

*Purchase Supplies Locally

                  & Use Local Services

As much as we are able, we purchase plant materials and horticultural supplies from Mid-Missouri and the Mid-West states, helping to support our neighbors and the local and regional economy.