Organic Lawn Care

SunRise Gardens is proud to offer organically based lawn care.  We view the lawn as a part of your garden, and believe it should be beautiful, soft to walk on, durable, disease resistant, relatively low maintenance, and sustainable.


We offer a customized organically-based lawn and turf maintenance plan.  We offer all essential services including: mowing, trimming, fertilization, top-dressing, and overseeding.  We believe there is no good "one-size-fits-all" approach to lawn care, and customize each clients plan to reflect their site needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Fertilizers and Soil Additives

Great lawns grow from great soil.  We create a healthy and vibrant lawn by maintaining healthy soil.  We offer a fine selection of organic fertilizers and soil additives including: organic composted topsoil, sphagnum peat moss, mushroom compost, cotton burr compost, cottonseed meal, alfalfa meal, corn gluten meal, dried molasses, gypsum, lime, and greensand.  In addition, we make our own special SunRise Gardens' Lawn Juice that we can apply as an organic soil conditioner to invigorate, fertilize, and increase microbial activity to your lawn's root system.

Weed Control

The basic idea behind an organic lawn is that when turf grasses and other perennials that you desire to have in your lawn are thriving, they will crowd-out the undesirable weeds.  We can do mechanical weeding and/or apply organic pre-emergent soil additives to discourage weed seed germination.

Design and Installation

A beautiful lawn starts with a well planned installation of the right turf grasses and/or perennials.  We can help you select the best species for your unique needs or situation.  Whether you want a safe environment for your children to play on, or an eye-catching masterpiece, we can help you create a great lawn.   We offer a custom blend of your choice in turf grasses and/or perennials such as dutch white clover, violets, and flowering bulbs.

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